About US

GEEKOM constantly strives for excellence in the field of technology products.


In the 1980s, a boy named Kom de Olde was born. As a young boy, he was teased by others because his love of computers is so enthusiastic that it makes him different from his peers. They called him a Geek. Despite the world turning its back against him, this young man keeps pursuing his dreams. He gathered a team of professional computer technicians like him and continued to innovate, design, and develop products and technologies that meet the different needs of users. In October 2003, they built a Computer Kingdom: GEEKOM. Since then, it has upheld the philosophy that “everyone should pursue their passion.” Its products and service have won wide acclaim from users in North America, Europe, and other territories worldwide.


Our Mission

To create inspirational products for every individual.

Our Vision

Become a world-famous reliable PC brand and solution provider.



GEEKOM sets its R&D headquarters in Taiwan and several branches in many countries worldwide. Our core team members are the technical backbone who ever served Inventec, Quanta, and other renowned companies. We have solid capacities for R&D and innovation.

Product Innovation

We value different users ‘ constructive feedback through 20 years of development and design of computer products. And on this basis, we make innovations, bring in the trendy design concept, strictly control material and craftsmanship, and pursue excellent quality and design to ensure reliable product quality and performance.


We will answer any question you have. Our professional customer service team can communicate with you within 24 hours.


We’ve combined our expertise in PC construction with extensive PC hardware to develop GEEKOM PC further. We have established strategic partnerships with world-renowned companies such as Intel and Kingston. GEEKOM will continue to work with these experts to bring a better PC experience to the world.

I'm so happy with the service from GEEKOM – my order was delivered within 6 days and the thought and care they put into their products really stands out. Plus, their support is just awesome!

Jane Walsh

Fabulous mini pc bought for my company office work. Perfect configurations for our employees to use. Very good on delivery. Will purchase it again as a gift and for myself!

Jaffey Chen

About US

GEEKOM constantly strives for excellence in the field of technology products.

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