Mini PC with 128GB SSD

128GB of SSD storage may seem like a small amount of storage, but for casual users, 128GB is usually plenty of space, You’ll be able to store your OS and a few applications, as well as some music, photos, and other data.

For the processing of these basic tasks, choosing a mini PC is perfect. With a mini PC with 128GB SSD, you’ll enjoy the lightning-fast speeds that come with SSDs, along with more portability, and affordability.

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  • GEEKOM LETSUNG Golite 11 Mini PC Intel Celeron N4020C £139.00
    • Intel® Celeron N4020C.
    • Intel® UHD Graphics 600.
    • Continuous operation.
    • Free VESA mount.
    • Ultra-quiet cooling fan.
    • Pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro.
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